Dr. Wilburn Henry Ferguson developed, refined, tested and administered an Amazon rainforest botanical extract named Amitosin, which is curative against several types of cancer. Amitosin was used as treatment for over 200 people with a variety of cancers by doctors, who reported positive results with no side effects. The extract is practically non-toxic and has an excellent safety profile. Amitosin is unique in that it has little to no effect on healthy cells, but rather targets only cancerous tumor cells. These findings suggest a novel mechanism of action. A new drug with a unique mechanism of action could potentially be more valuable than current pharmaceutical drugs. Furthermore, Amitosin has demonstrated efficacy with a variety of cancers including brain, breast, prostate, colorectal and leukemia. The potential annual revenue for this product is in the billions.


Scientist working at the laboratoryIn vitro and in vivo studies of Amitosin have demonstrated anticancer activity; however, additional pre-clinical studies are necessary to isolate, identify, and develop the active ingredients.

Rainforest Pharmacal plans to complete the pre-clinical development of Amitosin within the next 36 months.