High Returns with a Solid Basis

Laboratory Experiment in Science Research LabAt this time Rainforest Pharmacal is seeking investors to fund the company to reach the next milestone of research and development to bring to fruition these potentially curative products.

As an investment, Rainforest Pharmacal offers a high profitability profile and as a humanitarian cause has high potential to cure many people of cancer.

Company Ownership

Rainforest Pharmacal, Inc. is a Wyoming “C” Corporation formed September 28, 2015. The company is predominately owned by a Limited Liability holding company formed in Nevada named RFP Ventures. (Rainforest Pharmacal Ventures) The owners are comprised of past Investors, Ferguson Family Members, Beneficiaries and the Founder. Rainforest Pharmacal, Inc. has ownership of all the testing results, private journals and knowhow. Rainforest Pharmacal, Inc. is offering company ownership equity for financial resources to complete the next phase of development.

Financial Perspective

The current round of financing sought is US$10M, which will sustain company operations for the next 36 months. This financing will position the company with two to three new compounds with patents, pre-clinical, and clinical studies proving the efficacy of the new drugs.

Laboratory Experiment in Science Research LabAt that stage, the company’s management and advisory board will determine the optimum time to present the products to larger pharmaceutical companies. Advisors gauge the company value at that stage to be an estimated US$500M-1B.

The Company may merge with a larger pharmaceutical company to ensure future development while receiving milestone payments. A second option would be to raise a second round of funding for the initiation of Phase III human clinical trials of Cordycepin, Phase I and II trials human trials of Amitosin, and the development of new plant-derived extracts.

A portion of the budget will be utilized for marketing and negotiating licensing rights of the new drugs with larger pharmaceutical companies or for marketing to raise additional capital for the conduct of human clinical trials. This course will dramatically increase the value of the technologies.

Contact us to request a detailed plan according to research and development stages.

Company Strengths

Patent protection: For Amitosin, Rainforest Pharmacal has verified that, based on the searchable patents and patent applications as well as published technical literature, the plant extracts from this species are novel and likely to be patentable in the United States. Dr. Ferguson kept the actual plant species secret from partners and kept the source of the extract hidden from laboratory scientists during all research.

Orphan drug status: For Cordycepin, the FDA has granted this status, which allows for government financial incentives, smaller clinical trial sizes, shorter clinical trial times, and higher rates of regulatory success. So overall feasibility and profitability is higher.

Clinical Trials: Cordycepin + Pentostatin Phase I/II trials were begun on patients with refractory TdT-positive leukemia. Additional funding is required to continue and arrive at final results.

Expert Management Team: The company is led by professionals with over two decades' experience in oncological drug research, clinical trials and FDA submission. The team also includes company start-up and funding experts as well as researchers with ample background in botanical extract discovery and analysis. Read More.