4296795773_11f10cd617_oRainforest Pharmacal, Inc. is a privately held clinical-stage, biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and commercializing effective anticancer botanical extracts into regulatory agency-approved, globally distributed, pharmaceutical drugs. To date, seven botanical or plant-derived anticancer drugs have received approval by the US FDA for commercial production.

We are developing targeted anticancer therapies by utilizing tumor-associated biomarkers. By identifying specific targets present in tumors, our targeted therapies will be more selective for cancer cells than normal cells, minimizing damage to the rest of the body. Rainforest Pharmacal’s initial clinical development plans include two novel anticancer drugs: Cordycepin and Amitosin.


cordycepsOur most advanced drug candidate is Cordycepin, which is one of the best medicinal (fungi) mushrooms, known for numerous positive aspects in terms of pharmacological effects and considered to be safe. The main constituent of the extract derived from this fungus comprises a novel bio-metabolite called as Cordycepin (3′-deoxyadenosine), which has potent anticancer activities.

We are developing Cordycepin as a treatment option for certain leukemia patients that are either refractory to currently used chemotherapeutics or have experienced a relapse. Clinical trials have started. Learn more here.


scientist working at the laboratoryDr. Wilburn Henry Ferguson developed, refined, tested and administered an Amazon rainforest botanical extract named Amitosin, which is curative against several types of cancer. Amitosin was used as treatment for over 200 people with a variety of cancers by doctors, who reported positive results with no side effects. The extract is practically non-toxic and has an excellent safety profile. Amitosin is unique in that it has little to no effect on healthy cells, but rather targets only cancerous tumor cells.  In vitro and in vivo studies of Amitosin have demonstrated anticancer activity; however, additional pre-clinical studies are necessary to isolate, identify, and develop the active ingredients. Learn more here.

Pipeline Expansion

Our plant research has also resulted in the development of original botanical extract formulations and treatments for other ailments. These include an anti-arthritic, an antifungal, an immune system enhancer and a blood-pressure regulator. These discoveries present additional opportunities for development of new therapies with diversified revenue streams. Click here for more details

Management Team

Rainforest Pharmacal has assembled a team of scientific experts with extensive oncology, drug development and pharmaceutical business experience. Rainforest Pharmacal will utilize a small number of full-time employees for the first phase of development. The majority of experts will be hired as consultants during specific times of development.

The management team is led by: David Browning (President) with over 22 years of clinical drug development experience, including 175 oncology trials; Mark Staples (Chief Scientific Officer), who has led protein, peptide and small organic molecule development processes and regulatory documentaion for 25 years; Charles Mazinter (Chief Executive Officer), specialized in business start-up & development and former president of Global Pharmacal, Inc, and fundraiser for OncoVista Innovative Therapies, Inc; and Nicanor Sangurima (Chief Product Technician) an expert in identification, collection, and processing of botanical resources.

Consulting and advisory members are: Raymond Lamy, Grace M. Furman, Al Jecminek, Ronald Zane, Thomas E. Williams, John K. Whisnant, all with extensive oncology and drug development experience.

For more details about the team, click here.

Investment Opportunities

At this time Rainforest Pharmacal is seeking investors to fund the company to reach the next milestone of research and development to bring to fruition these potentially curative products. As an investment, Rainforest Pharmacal offers a high profitability profile and as a humanitarian cause has high potential to cure many people of cancer.

Learn about the investment project here.